The Issues

Women & Livelihoods

Livelihoods and opportunities for women in the cookstove value chain

While women are disproportionately impacted by the negative impacts of cooking on open fires and traditional cookstoves, they play a crucial role in the adoption and use of clean cooking solutions because of their responsibilities as cooks and managers of their households.

Women can play a unique role within the cookstove and fuel value chains, as they often excel in entrepreneurial activities and can leverage their existing networks for distribution, marketing, and sales, and the Alliance has included the empowerment of women as an explicit goal in its mission statement. Further, the Alliance’s partners recognize that they cannot design clean cookstove and fuels solutions without the full participation and input of women.

Proposed Alliance activities are meant to support and enhance projects on the ground, as well as develop tools and resources that can be utilized and replicated by stakeholders around the world. During the stakeholder consultation process, the Alliance will work closely with local stakeholders to identify the key gender and empowerment activities that are required to scale up the clean cookstove and fuel markets, and ensure that women are economically empowered through these emerging markets.